February 16th, 2013

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Всегда изумляет апология зла.
Ну вот, пока человека ЛИЧНО не коснется, так у него и Чикатило в святых будет.
А стоит на мозоль наступить - так сразу такая жертва, такая жертва: мама не горюй.
Все же мне проще живется: зло есть зло, добро есть добро и между ними нет точек соприкосновений.
с трубкой

Хэлп, чо.

Кто английским владеет? Вот чтобы жестко пнуть с переводом?
Старался как мог, но не англоязычный. Хочим сделать аудио-видео для янки, реднеков и прочих томми. Потом и фрицев с бошами зацепим. Ибо.

- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight! This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
A young boy with dry lips for a microphone.
- This is Fortress!
No one hears him. The army, which is shy to Minsk, the men who shoot out of the windows, the commander, who bandaged his head ...
No one hears.
And the boy himself does not hear - the crackling thunder breaks and bursts.
He just croaks into the microphone:
- This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Wheezing, because he is thirsty. But water is not the third day. All, that is - to carry the wounded and machineguns. He was tired, he wanted to sleep. But he can't. Because you have to wheeze:
- This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
His voice is rushing into space.
He closed his eyes and tries to hear: 'Copy that! Over!'
  But the answer is no. Only raucous' This is Fortress! Leading the fight! ' sweeps across the world ether.
The Voice of the Moon closer than the front headquarters.
The radio signal probably already got to her. A little more and he will carry to Mars, Venus, the Sun and Jupiter.
So be it.
From the transmitter to the moon - one second. To the sun - eight and a half minutes. To Mars - twelve. To Jupiter - thirty-three. To the headquarters of the army ... Eternity.
- This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Four and a half years, these raucous call letters reached the small star called Alpha Centauri.
At the same time, the world will end the war. Will stand kitchens to feed the enemy of children, will play the accordion, will ring the Order trains coming home.
A vote will be carried through the space:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
In the space of no time. Spoken word - forever. It
rushes to the edge of the universe and let the guy who croaked the
words are no longer alive physically, but his words are still alive -
that he may once again say:
- This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Three days before the words far away from the This is Fortress of female fetuses. It will grow in a hungry, angry and desperate time. She will go to school and sledding. She will cry at my father did not come back from the war, and enjoy the colors of the young clover.
A hoarse voice, the nameless kid will fly through the vacuum gap:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
In the capital, people will be dead crowd at the tomb of the deceased leader. The girl is going to cry again, clinging to the tremendous ease the radio:
'Yesterday, fifth day of March ...'
And somewhere far, far away still rushing hoarse:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
One day, people will rush behind the voice.
But do not have time. People
will come to Earth orbit, land on the moon, will be released into space
suit, will send their ridiculous mechanical cuttlefish gather alien
A voice will fly and fly through the eternal cold.
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Stones porastut grass. The bones themselves will go into the ground. Turn green sleeves.
But the bricks will bleed letters:
'Farewell, my homeland. Dying, but do not give up! '
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight! - He still drives around in space.
He still wheezes pearled lips.
The girl was twenty-five. It leads to her first son in a manger. National football team takes the bronze medal at the World Championships. Kennedy, Cuba, the Beatles and the virgin. And high up:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
And the sky is blue, blue ...
Voice communicator already touched the North Star, Orion's Belt, the Coma and other Pleiades. Rang high heaven longing string. On the hundredth of a micron moved celestial axis.
But all the same voice.
Somewhere in there was the new Constitution. Beginning of the next Olympics. Goodbye, our sweet Misha! Hello, our new Misha! And damn you!
Voice is so far away that it has long been forgotten.
He still leads the fight. He's still - 'This is Fortress! "
"This is Fortress" is still fighting under heavy fire by the monstrous bombs under the huge shells.
Not any of the country and the people have something thinner and signalman still sitting at the microphone:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Somewhere in there he killed his children, grandchildren. And he?
And he did not kill a single enemy. He just sat around a radio transmitter and wheezing, and whispered:
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Dust such that breathe. The heat is such that already nothing to sweat. Fight such that guns are melted.
- This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Those were his last words, and they are still flying through the universe.
That girl has already become an old woman. And her grandchildren were getting ready to become fathers, when the hoarse voice of the universe and the rounded back.
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading the fight ...
Invisible wire.
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
Wire, closed through the generations.
Blood closed.
Death closed.
Life crocked.
Signalman unknown and unrecognized.
Who do we have through the rain and mud? Our valiant bond. Relationship between fathers and children. Between grandchildren and grandparents.
Between us.
- This is Fortress, This is Fortress! Leading a fight!
- This is Fortress ...
- I carry a fight! The eternal battle.
с трубкой

Вот же...

Вот наткнулся в очередных мемуарах...
Стоит немецкая танковая дивизия в тылу, на отдыхе. И что такое - каждый день на дороге подрывы. Саперы бродят - нет мин. На следующий день опять взрыв. На противотанковой мине. Начали патрулировать дорогу. Нефига. Никто не ходит из партизан. Только бабка какая-то. Очередной патруль ее проверить решил от скуки
Обнаружили в ее котомке...
Противотанковую мину.
Галина ее звали. Фамилия не упоминается. Старуху повесили.
Петлю на шею она сама себе накинула и прокляла перед смертью немцев.
Как пишет автор - ей было за 60.
Обязательно этот эпизод в книгу вставлю.